The Week that was – 16.02.2018

Hi everyone

So this week I didn't get to do a normal post, after Miss E finally returned back to Kindergarten, I was bogged down with a cold too. I swear, Winter has really kicked me in my behind this year. I haven't been this sick since I was pregnant, 4 years ago!

Anyway, I still wanted to put up some pictures of my week. Over on my Instagram, my friend, Sandy nominated me for a 7 Day 7 Pic Challenge. I was also nominated by another friend on my personal account for the same challenge. It was really great! It was the perfect opportunity to connect with other Instagrammers who follow me, but I've not actually 'chatted' to before. Anyway, so my pictures this week is actually just pics I posted over on Instagram (especially for those of you who don't have an Insta Account.

Here we go...

I really hate shopping for shoes. I only ever wear one pair of boots throughout winter, and so they often only last 2 winters or so. I'm still good with my current pair, so I didn't spend too much time trying any on.

Karneval! Ok, so this year I had planned a post about one of the most-loved events in Cologne / Düsseldorf. Miss E was going to go as a black cat and I was going to be Mommy Cat. But even after making our costumes, the flu germs kicked our butts. We didn't attend any of the events and so no pictures, therefore no post. This pic above is of Berliners which are very popular at this time of year. It's like a donut (without the hole), filled with strawberry jam and covered with powdered sugar.

One of my goals for this year (more on that in another post, real soon), I want to become a Minimalist Mom. My kitchen is currently getting an overhaul, with regards to the 'stuff' I own. This is a picture of my cooking and baking utensils. Yep, I'm getting rid of most of that.

With the flu germs currently ravaging through Germany, I had to stock up on some fresh fruit and veg.

I love this mug. It is one of my oldest and has travel 4 countries with me. I got it when I first visited Amsterdam in 2003. He then travelled with me to London, Cape Town, Dubai and is now one of my morning coffee mugs in Germany.

Following on from 'Atonement' by Ian McEwan (more on that here), my next book in the Popsugar Reading Challenge 2018 is this beast: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.

Another goal for this year is to bake 12 Unique Bundt Cakes. Now, I am already running behind as this right here is my first one and we are already half way through February. I was experimenting with my very first Recipe (Reeses Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake) that I came up with myself. It needs a bit of tweaking before I plan to publish the recipe on the blog. I was not feeling up to the task of decorating this cake the way I had initially intended. So he looks a bit bland. I promise though, he tastes awesome!

I came home after dropping Miss E at Kindy one morning and found her friends in my bed.

It was -1 degrees, but the sun came out and I could not pass up the opportunity to take a picture of the sun peeping through the trees.

Cold germs, means vitamins is needed. And I love freshly squeezed orange juice. Nothing better than making it myself!

I woke up to this on Thursday morning. Winter Wonderland outside my bedroom window.

My Basil Plant was very sad and nearly dead. I gave him some love and when I woke up the next day, he was beautiful again. Basil is my favorite herb ever. So I was happy to see him alive again.

A couple of 'just-because' gifts about to head out to the post office. I like this idea: last year there was a facebook post going around along the lines of the first 5 people who commented on the post, would receive something in the post from the person who originally posted this year. I kind of took that on as just something I would do if I see something and it reminds me of a particular person. I would send it off. I know I love a surprise package from the postman now and then!

The beginning of something sweet. Miss E helped make Chocolate Brownies for our visit to a few ladies in my Sewing Circle. Hope they enjoyed it!

Well, that was my week! Miss E had a few days at Kindy and is once again sick. So I guess we are in for more Vitamin boosting foods, fluids and rest!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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