The Week That Was – 02.02.2018

Wow! What a week we have had! Last week I kept Miss E home from Kindy for 2 days as she was sick. And by Sunday morning, she was loads better and I thought finally we would get back into rhythm with her going to Kindy again this week.

I was wrong...

We arrived at Kindy on Monday morning, only to find they were heavily understaffed. Many teachers were off sick. And so all classes only had 1 teacher and the substitute was spread very thin.

By Wednesday, things had gotten worse and there was now even a notice on the board asking parents to try keep their kids home on Friday. And so, Miss E stayed home yesterday as well as today. That also meant lots of creativity to keep her entertained as the weather was horrid.

And now I am sick 🙂 Oh well, we soldier on...

With the dreary weather, I am really struggling with seasonal depression. So what's a girl to do? Buy yourself some flowers, that's what!

This lasted 4 hours...and then Miss E came home from Kindy.

We baked bread.

I started on some Spring / Easter decorations for our home.

I managed to get some work done...and Miss E was kind enough to allow one of her friends to keep me company.

We ventured out into the cold and Miss E took Baby along too.

Check this out! This used to be a Starbucks.

And today we baked a Banana Bread using up some bananas that had ripened over the last week.

Well, here's hoping we have a better weekend. It's Friyay!!!

Enjoy and be safe, everyone!

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