My Latest Project

Dearies, I am so excited to share with you my latest project! I'm literally jumping up and down in my seat right now. This has been a long time coming!!! I am a published author!

Now, I have been a Writer for a very long time. Having blogged for a few years and such. But apparently, until you have published a novel or story (fiction or non-fiction), you can't call yourself an author. But now I can!


Guys, this has been something I have wanted for as long as I can remember. When I had just started high school, I didn't have many friends. We moved to another house, very far from my school and so of course I had to move schools - in the middle of the school year. That was when I started writing. It was mostly personal journal entries, but it was writing nonetheless. Two years later, I moved schools again and started writing stories. Stories that no one ever read.

I didn't have any real direction in my life when I finished high school. I always felt drawn to the creative side of life. But there is no money to be made in being creative, is there? At least that is what I believed back then. And so I never really pursued my creative dreams.

The Pursuit of Happiness...

I have been fortunate in my life to have traveled and to experience different cultures. I worked in various industries and with many different people, from all walks of life. And these experiences, these opportunities to learn from other people, this opened my mind to the possibilities out there. I helped me create in my mind, worlds where there is no discrimination, no war or famine and no cultural divide. With my words, I was able to dive deep into my imagination and found what made me happy - what made me truly happy.

The last few months have been hard on me: mentally and emotionally. Winter had taken its toll and I mostly found myself huddled in bed, with my laptop. And I realised that while I was typing and the words just seemed to be flowing out of me - I was really happy. I was creating stories of people: are they real or are they just made up? I was creating life around these individuals: can it happen or is it far-fetched? But it didn't matter. To me, it was exactly as it should be and that made me so very happy.

That weekend...

It takes a long time to write a novel. I know this, because I have been working on one of my novels for nearly 15 years. Whether or not that one will be seeing the light of day, is still up for my mental debate. But, this particular Short Story, which has just been released on Amazon was something that kind of 'just happened'. I was sick in bed one weekend and had already binge-watched every Netflix show I had on my list to watch. So I picked up my laptop, propped myself up against some pillows, box of tissues at hand and started typing. And I kept typing until Sunday evening. By then I had finished 15400 words.

So what is it about?

Well, it's called 'Hearts in Edinburgh'. It is a Short Story of romance, sincere love and heartbreak over the course of nearly 2 decades of change and uncertainty. I don't want to spoil too much here. So I'm going to give you the same blurb that I used for Amazon:

"18 years ago, Sarah Wilson embarked on what was supposed to be her ‘right of passage’ European tour: where she had plans to party hard; spend her mother’s money; and fall in lust with a dark Mediterranean sex-god. What really happened though was nothing she could have been prepared for: Tom MacCallum. Sweet and sexy, hopelessly romantic, confident yet soft-spoken; a fire inside of him that she craved. And at 20 years old, she wasn’t ready for him.

Is she now though? It had been 18 years since she had left that note on the pillow. 18 years since she had left him sleeping in the Billy Garioche Suite at the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh. 18 years since she had fallen deep into those dazzling blue eyes. And now, 18 years later as she stood in the bathroom of that very same Suite, looking at herself in the steamed-up mirror, she felt conflicted. Life had given her everything she had ever dreamed of. Everything she had ever wanted. Or at least everything she thought she had wanted: a husband; a career; the perfect life. And yet…

Does the heart really just ‘know’? Or did she leave her heart in Edinburgh 18 years ago and fate brought her back to it? And after all is said and done: is Tom really the one or is this just another curve-ball that life is throwing at her, to confuse her and get her off track?

Can a candle stay lit for 18 years?"

Intrigued yet? Well, I sure hope you are. Intrigued enough to go and download Hearts in Edinburgh.

The Pseudonym...

Now, I should add here for those who know me personally: I have published this Story under my Pen Name: Gretchen Wolf. There is no mysterious reason why I have chosen to publish under a Pseudonym, rather than my real name. I just felt that as I am writing in English, my last name is too German. And I don't want anyone who sees my name to think that my work would be in German or that it wouldn't be good in English. I know, it sounds like a silly reason. But for me, it made and still makes sense.

Thank you...

Look, it goes without saying that I wouldn't have published anything if it were not for a few people in my life who have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams - no matter what those dreams are. To my readers of this blog in particular: you have been with me from day one and even though there have been blank patches in between as I struggled through some personal issues, as well as navigating life in this strange country, you have remained loyal. And I thank you for always coming around and reading my posts.

Shameless Plug...

Of course, now comes the shameless plug: In the past, my creativity has not brought in too many 'sales' as it were. I have tried several different ventures that have not fully come to fruition in terms of monetary value. Those, I will admit were ventures that I thought would actually go on to be successes. I was wrong.

But writing to me is something very different. Baking a cake and selling it brings but a moment of pleasure: on the lips and in the belly. Writing however, takes the readers away from their reality (whether good or bad) and transports them into the world of the characters and places. The words they read can bring about certain emotions that a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake can't.

And so, here, now, I shamelessly ask that you head on over to Amazon and purchase my Short Story. 'Hearts in Edinburgh' is a work from my heart to yours. I hope you love it. And if you do, I hope you will tell your friends about it, so that they too would go and download.


Please do leave a book review on Amazon once you finished the book. And share, share, share your love for the book on social media. I have many more short stories in my 'Mind Palace' (Sherlock Holmes), and so I plan to publish more soon. And it would encourage me so much, if you would review the book; share this post; download my book and tell everyone you know!

I look forward to hearing from you all: Tell me what you think of the book; I'm open to criticism; Would you like more of the same; Would you like a sequel? I'm super excited to hear your thoughts!

Until next time,
(aka. Gretchen Wolf)

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