Miss E turns 3

I can’t believe it! Where has the time gone? Miss E turned 3 and I’m over here trying to slow down Time. With her first birthday, we celebrated first with our family and I made a cake resembling a bear’s head. We then had some friends over a few days later and I baked a ‘healthy’ Banana Cake shaped as a Monkey.

Last year I planned a themed birthday party that centered around one of her favourite books: The Hungry Caterpillar. Everything had an element of the book: the décor; the food; the obviously the cake.

I had the idea that as long as I still had an influence over what theme would be used for her birthday party, that I would make the most of it. And I thought I would have a few more birthdays to influence. I think though that this 3rd birthday will be the last where I can make the big decisions. And so of course, I chose to go with a Minnie Mouse / Disney Inspired Birthday Party.

Usually Miss E has her birthday in the middle of winter. So this 3rd birthday was extra special, in that we were in fact visiting my family down in Cape Town. So that means: SUMMER BIRTHDAY!!! Also, my parents have quite a big garden / yard which allows for a little more ‘room to play with’ in terms of ideas for the big day. I knew I wanted to get a Jumping Castle – in fact, this was non-negotiable.

About 10 kids were invited and about 15 adults came as well (I was also celebrating my 35 birthday, so wanted to have some adult fun too – more on that in another post).

I also hired a Face Painter as nothing says ‘fun’ quite like getting your face painted and getting glitter everywhere. Here’s the lowdown on our Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Party!

The Décor…

In terms of actually making this birthday party ‘Minnie Themed’, I really wanted to bring out the Red, Black and White in everything that I did. And since I had a budget for this party, I wanted to make sure I spent more on the ‘Fun’ aspect of the party. So mum and I headed to Sable Square in Century City for a few cheap items at the Chinese Market there. I got a couple of red garlands with white polka dots. We hung one up near the Jumping Castle and one at the Buffet Table.

I also bought a Minnie Mouse Garland that says Happy Birthday and hung that up inside the house where the kids would be seated to eat. We had black and red balloons all over the house as well as few Minnie Mouse Balloons outside. I hung up red and black tissue paper in strands to keep with the Minnie Mouse Theme.

I also used a Red Table Runner, bought white round stickers and stuck them onto the table runner (for polka dots). For the kids table, I had black plates and made my own ears using black stock card paper. We had red party hats and stuck those round white stickers on them as well. And we did the same with the red cups.

1pm start…

The kids started arriving with their parents from around 12:30pm. And the first ‘activity’ was for each child who wanted to get their face painted, to go out to the Gazebo and choose their design. Miss E of course chose Minnie Mouse. Face Painting was not limited to the kids, I was the first adult to get in line to get my face painted too – no picture taken, but I was a Ladybug!

Of course the other attraction of the day was the Jumping Castle. It was quite a hot day, and Grampy and the uncles pulled a cover over the Castle to give it some shade. I too spent some time in it…loads of fun!

What’s on the Menu…

The food was not very themed this time. But still quite delicious. I opted for lots of finger foods: Samoosas; Chicken Pops; Spring Rolls, Cheese Puffs; mini Meat Balls; etc.

Throughout the day there was watermelon on offer as well as chips, sweets and nuts.

I wanted something a little fun and that would fit in with it being super hot out. So I had planned a ‘Pimp your Ice-Cream’ Stand. We had plain Vanilla as well as plain Chocolate. I set the table up with wafer bowls and wafer cones and several bowls of ‘toppings’: Smarties; Jelly Tots; Crushed Nuts; Chocolate Sauce, etc. This didn’t go as planned, but more on that later.

I was all over the place on the day, and completely forgot to take any pictures of the food and snacks 🙂

The Cake…

Now everyone who knows me, knows that the birthday cake is always a big deal for me. As long as I am able, I will always bake Miss E’s birthday cake myself. And so even through the heat, I managed to bake exactly the cake I had planned. And of course, Miss E loved it. This was the highlight of the day, I think. Even the adults loved the cake.

Time to end the day…

Our Minnie Mouse Birthday Party turned into a Pool Party. Miss E had gotten into the little Kiddies Pool, clothes and all. Even I had my feet in that little Pool. My ‘Pimp your Ice-Cream Stand, had turned into a mobile Ice-Cream station where Grammy was serving cones and everyone could add their own toppings. Soon afterwards I found myself in the big pool with Miss E. We had such a great time.

After the cake made its appearance, more swimming and splashing was the order of the day. Not too many painted faces were left. But Miss E was still having such a fun day.

And so after many faces were painted and much cake was eaten, families started to leave. Miss E bid farewell to the children (many of whom, she had only just met that day) by giving them a Goodie Bag filled with chips, sweets and a Disney Face Mask to remember their time spent with her.

And what better way to end the day than having a Braai (BBQ) with the family. Miss E was super exhausted after her guests left and went straight to bed after opening her presents. The rest of us, enjoyed some meat and salads and a bit of conversation.

I can’t think of a better way to have celebrated her birthday. All the elements were there and it all seemed to go according to plan. Everyone had a great time and I know it will live in my memory as one of the best birthday parties.

And with that, it’s time to call it a night. Cheers till next time.

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