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My 5 favorite Mommy Bloggers from South Africa

Choosing my 5 favorite Mommy Bloggers was not easy. There are so many out there and so I would not be surprised, if later on in the year I have another such list up on the blog. I have been blogging for a while now. At first I had a personal blog over at and this was really just a place for me to express my thoughts and write about my personal challenges and experiences. But since becoming a mum, I felt my focus shift. And I also wanted to start writing about my life as a mum and if at all, perhaps be an influence on other mums.

The best piece of advice I got regarding blogging was to go and read other blogs, especially those within the same niche as the one you want to get into. And so I did. And oh my goodness: there are some amazing Mommy Bloggers out there.

Today, I want to share my top 5 Mommy Bloggers from South Africa. These are the blogs I visit regularly and mommies I one day hope to meet in person.

In no particular order:

Harassed Mom:

Laura-Kim lives in Pretoria, South Africa with her hubby, 4 kids and a dog. She has been blogging for about 10 years and I love her writing style. She is funny and has a good ear for writing on issues that affect parents today. The best thing about her? Her Wrapababy Initiative. You can read about it here and help Laura-Kim reach her goal of bringing 150 wraps to mums and babies at the Dr George Mukhari Hospitals Kangaroo Care Ward. You can also follow Laura-Kin on Twitter and head on over to her Facebook Page.

Blessed Barrenness:

Next up is Sharon from the Blessed Barrenness. I started following Sharon's journey through infertility and pregnancy loss. And she is now the proud mother of two adopted mixed-raced girls. Whether it is parenting, health and fitness or just the random thoughts about her favorite books, I enjoy reading her blog. You can check out her Twitter feed and follow her on Facebook.

3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House:

Over on Lady Gretchen, I had spoken of Cindy from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House. And it has been 4 years since I first started reading her blog, and I visit every single week. I will admit, I tend to live vicariously through other people's Instagram feeds - so I often do with Cindy. I just love Cindy's passion for life and for her kids! I'd definitely love to have coffee with her one day! You can follow her over on her Facebook page and why not check out her Instagram and Twitter feeds too.

Making Mountains:

Whatever advice you are looking for as a woman, Belinda at Making Mountains has it all. In her blog she covers Parenting, Health, Marriage, Lifestyle, Travel, Gardening and everything in between. I also think her kids are super cute. Head on over to her blog, check her out on Facebook and follow along on Twitter.

My Spreadsheet Brain:

Luchae Williams opens up her brain in what she fondly calls My Spreadsheet Brain. Luchae speaks truth and can be quite funny at times. I enjoy reading her blog, as she writes about issues that many women, mothers and parents go through at one point in their lives. She also just recently welcomed her 4th child into the world and I have been glued to my screen waiting for updates - fyi: her baby boy is gorgeous! You can check out her journey over on her blog or check out her Facebook page.

So these are my current top 5 South African Mommy Bloggers. I would like to pen a later post highlighting some more mommy bloggers in South Africa and would love to have your input. Who is your favorite Mommy Blogger and why?