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Rheinkirmes 2017

Mama Bear and Miss E take on Rheinkirmes 2017!

The Fair, or Carnival as it is known as where I am from, has always been one of the things in life that I look forward to attending. I don't remember too much of my childhood. But the few good memories I do have, far outweigh the bad ones. And one of my most vivid memories i have, is of me holding my dad's hand, while my older sister holds our mother's hand, running across the street from the bus station at Mitchell's Plain Town Center towards the Big Wheel that was the biggest attraction at the Town Center Carnival.

That memory brings back such warm feelings in my heart. Memories of eating Candy Floss and Green Toffee Apples; of being afraid to go on the Big Ferris Wheel because I always thought we would get stuck all the way on the top; of catching ducks with a little fishing rod that has a magnet as a hook. And then later on, when I was tall enough to play basket ball. I have memories of going home with little trinkets we won playing the games as well as cone-shaped bags of popcorn.

rheinkirmes-2017 rheinkirmes-2017

Typing this now is giving me butterflies in my tummy. I love going to the Carnival or Fair; I love the lights from the rides in the evening; the shiny horses on the carousel; the screams from silly teenagers on the roller-coasters.

I have lived in Germany for nearly 4 years. The first Rhein Fair I visited, I was just over 4 months pregnant. The second time, Miss E tagged along. And last year, we gave it a miss. This year, I was super excited to go. And the reason for my excitement, was because it would be the first time Miss E would actually know what is going on around her. She can go on rides with me, play games, win stuff, eat Candy Floss (which she doesn't like, so haters please don't hate).

rheinkirmes-2017 rheinkirmes-2017 rheinkirmes-2017

So on the first Sunday of Kirmes, I strapped Miss E into her Bike Seat behind me and we biked the 9.2km to Oberkassel. We spent the next 4 hours at Kirmes. And I will tell you: I have never had so much fun at Rheinkirmes, as I had with my child. It was very surprising and also really rewarding. She played ball games, and wanted to go on carousels. We ate fried mushrooms and french-fries. We danced to music and ran from one game stand to another.She drove a pink cadilac, then a purple truck and co-piloted a red fire-engine.

It was by far, one of the BEST days I had ever spent with my child. And being a Stay-at-home-mum, that is saying something. I was happy, she was happy and not once did either of us feel frustrated.


That day, I realised that this is the sort of thing I wanted for my child: making memories and experiencing life with her, through her eyes. It isn't about how many books she has in her ever-growing library. Nor about her collection of plush animals. She really enjoys the one-on-one personal time with her mum or her dad. She enjoys the special moments we share and doing things together is so very important to her.

I'm glad I could start this fire in her to love the Fair as I do. I know that might sound like I am forcing my child to enjoy the things that I enjoy. But that isn't what I mean at all. I just look back on how much fun I had going to the Fair and doing that with my parents. And it's those warm memories that I will forever cherish. So of course it only makes sense that I would want that for Miss E as well: so that one day when she is older, she too would think back on the time when she went to Kirmes with her mother and had the best time ever!


Do you guys like going to the Fair? What is your favourite ride or activity at the Fair? Comment down below or hit me up on Facebook.

Till Later, Dearies.