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Hi everyone

I'm very excited about this post. It is my very first Competition Giveaway – it’s a small one, but still a good one! And those who know me, will tell you that I am a sucker for a good read. Books used to be a very big part of my life. I say ‘used to’ because these days I don´t have too much time to get stuck in a good book. I still enjoy taking an hour ever second week or so and just emerge myself into some reading, but there was a time when I would finish a 300 page novel in about a day or two (brings back memories of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows)!

Anyway, since also becoming a mum, I believe reading plays an important part of Miss E's life. I was reading her books while she was still in my belly. Anything from Dr. Seuss to The Brothers Grimm; from CS Lewis to Bible Stories. At night I would read her bedtime stories or Fairytales. Once she was born, I didn't stop. I kept reading to her. And now at nearly 3 years old, her library is nearly as big as mine! She has her favorites, of course. But she often would swap old favorites for new ones.

And so that is how I decided that my very first Giveaway on my Blog would be centered around books. I have a firm belief that books shape the imaginations of our children: allows them to dream things more beautiful than what our world can possibly give them. Books is where we experience, with the lovable characters life in all the colors of the rainbow and share the innocence of childhood that is sometimes too soon taken away from us.

So here is what you have to do to enter to win my Bundle of Books Giveaway:

  1. Comment on this post what your favorite book is (can be a children’s book or adult) and why,
  2. Then head on over to my Facebook Page: Like my Page; Like the Book Giveaway Post and tag a friend who might be interested in winning a couple of books (great for Christmas!)
  3. Double your chances (this is optional) by heading over to my Instagram Account; Follow me and comment on the Book Giveaway Post

Competition ends on 11th December 2017 at 23h59. Winner will be announced on 14th December 2017 on my Facebook Page.

This competition is only open to South African Residence with a valid Postal Address, as I am currently visiting here. More Giveaways to follow for my German and other International Readers in 2018!

My Lovelies, I look forward to reading your comments and hearing what your favorite books are! Good luck and happy Reading!!!

Till next time!

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