Corona Bake Off – Round 2

To crepe or not to crepe! If you love Crepes and you love Cake, then you'll definitely LOVE the Crepe Cake. For Round 2 of our Corona Bake Off, the winner of Round 1 (read here for more), Sara decided we would take on the beauty that is the Crepe Cake.

What I love about this cake is that the options are endless. I mean you could literally make any flavour you want. And you could use any flavour combo, and it will probably work as well. I could NOT decide on my Crepe Cake. I wanted to keep it classy-looking, but also put in a punch of flavour.

The Chocolate & Strawberries Crepe Cake:


That Chocolate Mirror Glaze is so perfect

Sara decided on bringing together a combination that has worked for decades: Chocolate and Strawberries. She made Strawberry and Vanilla Crepes, sandwiched together with gorgeous Vanilla Mascarpone Cream. The entire cake was covered in a beautiful Chocolate Mirror Glaze. I mean, just look at this beauty! There was definitely no doubt she would win Round 2.


Nicely defined layers - well done, Sara!

And me?


I struggled with my drip on this cake and totally regretted it after the first drip - but because of the 'naked' sides, I couldn't take it off and had to just continue...

I eventually, after much deliberation (in my head), I settled on a Tiramisu Crepe Cake: Amaretto Crepes, sandwiched together with a creamy Amaretto Cream Filling. I kept mine a 'naked cake' and dusted the top cream layer with cocoa. In all honesty, I could have done better on my presentation and photography. My flavours were definitely there and those who were lucky enough to get a piece, all said they loved it. But at the end of the day, our voters are voting purely on looks, presentation and the description of the cakes.


I was happy that my layers set up well

The Winner:

In the end, the clear winner was Sara. That mirror glaze was so beautiful. My Amaretto was just not hitting the right spots with many people. And a few mentioned my presentation. Something I will definitely work on.


It was a no-brainer on this round that Sara would win.

Sara chose for Round 3 another classic: The Opera Cake. Head on over here for more...

Which one would you have chosen? Both our Socials are on lockdown, unfortunately as we make use of our personal profiles for the Challenge. But I'm curious what the readers of my blog would have voted for.

Till next Round, Lovelies.

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