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My German Safari 2.0

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

When I started this blog 3 years ago, I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve with the blog. I had a two year old daughter and I was still figuring out motherhood, living as an expat in Germany, where red tape hinders just about everything in life. I wanted to use this platform to help other parents in similar situations, navigate life raising the next generation in a country that is not their own. I also wanted to shed some light on life in Germany, from a South African perspective. This was also supposed to be my own personal space where I could voice my opinions on everyday issues.

What I ended up with was a blog growing extremely slowly, even with two posts per week, daily social media activity and very little results in terms of readership.

I then decided to get on the bandwagon of monetising my website using affiliate links to generate an income (however small it was). What ended up happening was me making use of a wordpress plugin, that ended up having a very bad virus that corrupted my entire site. My blog was about 16 months old by then. I was gutted and thought of throwing in the towel. But then common sense broke through: My website was specially built for me – my design, my criteria. I had invested a lot of money into getting the site up and running and having it maintained. I had had close to 200 posts and nearly 1000 photos on the website. It was like another little baby that I had been raising and I didn’t want to let it just die.

So, after much deliberation, I decided to get back on it. But it’s been a long journey since that decision. 2018 was not a great year in terms of my mental and emotional well-being. 2019 saw us making very big changes which included an International move. My little blog had to be pushed back again. Now that we have found our feet in our new 'home', I am happy to finally get my blog back up again. Starting very much from scratch with posts, as I didn’t see a point of re-uploading the old ones.

So, cheers to My German Safari 2.0! It’s not what I had initially planned for it to be. But I am hoping that this new direction I am taking it in will be fruitful and that you will enjoy reading each time you come to visit.

My German Safari Author

Thanks for returning and welcome to those new readers.

Till next time, take care.