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Have you ever been to India? Maybe eaten in an Indian Restaurant? It is awesome how diverse our weekends have become in our home. When Miss E looked on her map, she picked India because there is a picture of a man on an elephant and she found that very interesting. When I told her that we would probably be having curry the following weekend, she said 'but we had that for South Africa'!

It is true that I made a Curry for our Heritage Weekend Celebrations a few weeks earlier. But that is simply because a lot of Cape Malay cooking, comes from India. The flavours, the spices, we share a lot of that with Indian Cuisine.

One dish:

I am sure I'm mentioned this in another post in this series: even though we are now able to go grocery shopping, we live on an island. Grocery shopping here is quite different than anywhere I've ever lived - when I need something quite specific, 80% of the time, I probably won't be able to source it here. Also, we were still technically on lockdown, and due to unforeseen circumstances that week, I was not able to get to the grocery store for my Indian menu. I had to make do with what I have in my kitchen. So on our Journey Around the World through Food, I could only come up with one Indian meal for the weekend - it's still better than nothing, right?

Butter Chicken:

Let's face it: you haven't lived, if you haven't eaten Butter Chicken. It's packed with so much flavour, yet not spicy, which is good for those family members who can't have spicy foods. I chose to serve it with white rice - let the dish speak for itself. I wasn't happy with the colour, but I got the consistency of the sauce right and the chicken was tender and juicy and yummy and oh my goodness I now want Butter Chicken 🙂

What else would have been on my menu?

I had planned to make Aloo Tikki which is spiced potato patties, served with a yogurt. And a dish my hubby loved back in Dubai: Palak Paneer. Unfortunately I couldn't get the ingredients. However, I do keep all my meal plans for all our weekend 'trips around the world'. So one day, some day soon I will attempt to make all the dishes and treats I could not make.

What is your favourite Indian Meal? Can you make a good Butter Chicken? Comment your favourite Indian Recipe so I can try it out.

Happy cooking!

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