A Trip Around the World – through Food

I wrote this up in Week 8 of our Lockdown...Enjoy!

We have entered into Week 8 of our lockdown. And I think my family and I could do with a little shake up. Normally, we would go somewhere, we've never gone before. Or we would hop in the car and go explore our city as tourists. Well, of course this isn't possible. So I came up with something we could do inside and still keep it interesting during this period. "A Trip around the World - through food" then became our thing to do on weekends.

In my new kitchen, I wanted to enjoy cooking again...

When I thought of how to get things started, I came up with us celebrating where we come from. So our first weekend we will be venturing into cuisine from South African and Germany. I'm looking forward to it very much. I haven't cooked a South African meal in a very long time. Not even a good curry. And I could do with a bit of German flavours too.

Miss E has been charged with picking a new country for every weekend after we celebrate our Heritage this weekend. She has a large map on the wall outside her bedroom and I will post a video on my Instagram account every Monday morning of her picking the next country. This should get very interesting, because her map has pictures that is associated with the country or city, so we will probably be getting lots of countries with 'fun' pictures.

We enjoy food, and especially tasting dishes from all over the world.

What have you guys been doing to keep things a little interesting during your lockdown? How long have you been under lockdown?

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